Action Face comes to JVA wORLD CHALLENGE

Action Face is the ultimate special event memento. Make your own custom 3D action figure to capture the moment you make the play of the game.

You’ve trained for this. Now commemorate it!
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My action face figure is AWESOME!!! I was very surprised that it actually looks just like me. I have seen several other bobbleheads and custom figures from other companies but unfortunately their products looked nothing like that person. Thanks ACTION FACE.
It looks just like me! Truthfully… much better.

It is a wonderful gift! I love having it on my desk to remind me of the superhero i am:) Thank you!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these. I just opened mine. The shipping box is so fun and colorful to receive in the mail! The Avatar is wrapped in double tissue paper an the most exciting part.... It's ME :)

The story


There are a few events in life that stand above all others: your first marathon, your favorite concert, your wedding, and that time you went to the Super Bowl.

You may collect ticket stubs and tchotchkes, but these momentos don’t express who you are, nor tell a story about you that day.

Action Face commemorates these moments by combining your real face with personalized, fantasy customization.

Life has many moments. The great ones are Action Face moments!

How do I make my action face?
watch this video!

Takes only 5 minutes

The whole process of creating a beautiful full-color, 3D-printed figure of yourself couldn’t be easier. No more giant scan booths, no more waiting months for your figure, no more $$$$ prices. All it takes is your iPhone, 5 minutes, $50 bucks, and a 2-week delivery to get yours directly to your doorstep.

A perfect memento for your achievement

Memories fade, action figures don't. Design your own figure and remember your game forever.
  • Complete personalization
  • Advanced 3D technology
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Made in the USA


Which Action Face figure tells your story best?
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  1. What is Action Face?
    Action Face enables a user to customize a video game-like avatar with their own face and create a beautiful full-color, 3D-printed figurine starting with a 3D scan from their mobile phone. No more giant scan booths, no more waiting months for your figure, no more $$$$ prices. The possibilities are endless.
  2. How big is the figure?
    Action Face 3D printed figures are available in 2 sizes - mini (3" inches) and regular (4.5" inches) tall. ($49.99 and $99.99, respectively) Exact height & width depend on the custom body sculpt & pose that you choose.
  3. Where is it made?
    We have a swath of overachieving 3D printing robots right here in the good ol' USA. Our Hewlett Packard 3D printers, laser etch color into the figures at a level of detail that far exceeds what can be done with mass manufacturing.

    In addition to it getting to you a bit faster, we also dramatically decrease our carbon footprint. Printing on demand has no wasted material, no throwaway inventory, no need to ship to a store, and no shipping from foreign countries.
  4. How do I make a great action figure?
    The most important choice you will make is your expression when you 3D scan your face. You are the hero of this story. Think about what avatar or figure you want to be and then express yourself.

    Is this a time for your Game Face, your Happy Face or a Silly Face... or your Action Face?! Practice in the mirror to make it great. The rest of customizing your figure is simple.
  5. When will my figure arrive?
    You'll receive your figure approximately 2 weeks from the day it was ordered. You'll also get a shipment notification email.