Investor Contact

If you are an accredited investor, please contact Liz Gasper for opportunities.

Executives & Founding Team

Kenny Davis

Brand & Revenue
3x launched #1 global revenue brands (Furby, Bakugan & Skylanders)

Joby Otero

Studio Head for world's largest 3D video game brands (includes Skylanders)

Erin Bloodgood

E-commerce & comms for $B new brands (Monster High & LOL Surprise)

Liz Gasper

Financial leader with deep experience across start-ups, IPOs and acquisitions. (Leap Frog, RightWorks & Truefffect)

Luther Miller

Technology & Security
Solutions architect with specialty in privacy & security (Goldman, Intuit)

Don Marini

Led global engineering & manufacturing for Hasbro

David Kunitz

Led world's largest action figure portfolio (includes Star Wars, Marvel)

Michelle Micone

SVP, decision maker for $4B NFL licensing business.

Experienced Executives From

R&D Collaborator
Through our R&D collaboration with Hewlett Packard we have reduced our COGS by 50%, sped up throughput and vastly enriched our color output. Perhaps most importantly, we have secured access to over 70% of their color 3D printers in North America to ensure we can keep up with growth.
Chosen for
How It Works
Takes only 5 minutes. The whole process of creating a beautiful full-color, 3D-printed figure of yourself couldn’t be easier. No more giant scan booths, no more waiting months for your figure, no more $$$$ prices. All it takes is an iPhone, 5 minutes, $50 bucks, and 2-weeks to get yours directly to your doorstep. Click HERE to download the Action Face 3D Scanner App for iPhone 10+ to check it out now.
See It In Action
Action Face officially debuted at the November 2021 L.A. Marathon. 36% of people who entered our tent purchased. That’s a $50-$100 impulse buy of a product they had never seen before. We were thrilled. But even more importantly our net promoter score was 9.7 and the L.A. Marathon invited us back, all expenses paid, for March 2022.

Why Invest

Physical Product,
Software Business Model

No inventory, No CapEx
(Software only)

High Conversion Rate
& Gross Margins

ESG Initiatives

Made in the USA with Fair Labor Standards.
Low carbon footprint.
No wasted inventory

End-to-end Data Capture

Inherently social

Investor Contact

If you are an accredited investor, please contact Liz Gasper for opportunities.